JAN 23 2014

First as Tragedy, Then as Farce

Banking, Capitalism, Financial Services, Hedging, Infrastructure, United States, Wall Street

Wall Street investors in need of a replacement for the former cash cow of mortgage-backed securities (pre-bailout, that is) only had to look as far as a massive, bargain basement-priced stock of used houses obtained through bankruptcy sales coupled with a corresponding, unparalleled increase in prospective renters (aka former homeowners with few options for housing…

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FEB 21 2010

Capitalism against Capitalism

Capitalism, Economic, Federal government of the United States, Germany, Market economy, Social market economy, United States

Michel Albert, author of Capitalisme contre Capitalisme, compares the neo-American model of a capitalistic market economy with the Rhenish capitalism of Germany’s social market economy. The neo-American model is based on the ideas of Hayek and Friedman, and the latter, according to Albert, is founded on principles of publicly organized social security. Albert asserts that this model is more equitable, efficient, and less…

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FEB 21 2010

The Alignment of the Interests of Shareholders and Management in Corporations

Capitalism, Corporate Accountability, Corporation, Economy, Modern Corporation and Private Property, Ownership, Principal-agent problem, Shareholder

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