AUG 22 2010

Fiddler Crabs as Pollution Markers after Oil Spills

Deepwater Horizon, Environment, Fiddler crab, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Image via WikipediaIn 1969, the oil barge Florida ran aground in Massachusetts, and it released approximately 200 thousand gallons of fuel into Cape Cods’ Buzzards Bay. The spill killed many fish and lobsters, damaged sensitive oyster and clam beds, and devastated the local marshlands. Today, signs of the disaster remain.  In particular, fiddler crabs that…

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MAY 19 2010

Potential Method of Sealing the Deepwater Horizon Leak?

Deepwater Horizon, Pipes and Fittings, Shaped charge

Image via Wikipedia Here’s a suggestion to consider for stopping the Deepwater Horizon leak.  If necessary, use a linear shaped charge to cut the leaking pipe more uniformly.  Then, use a high pressure pipe stopper such as a hydrostatic test isolation plug, for example, the Curtis Wright Flow Control Company’s GRIPTIGHT TEST PLUG GT-24P120, to…

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MAY 01 2010

Deepwater Horizon oil spill rate larger than initial estimates

Deepwater Horizon, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, United States Coast Guard

Ian McDonald of Florida State University has calculated that the Deepwater Horizon oil spill‘s flow is approximately 26,500 barrels per day.  Here’s a report from the SkyTruth blog ( Deepwater Horizon spill estimates derived from USCG fly-over data (28 April 2010) Figure 1. US Coast Guard map showing size and appearance of oil slick on…

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