APR 20 2015

California’s Drought – Some Recommendations to Explore

California, Drought

California has a serious, ongoing problem with drought, and the state has many users competing for this finite resource. California Water Code Section 1460 establishes that “the use of water for the municipality or the inhabitants thereof for domestic purposes shall be considered first in right, irrespective of whether it is first in time.” If…

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APR 08 2015

California’s Drought – What Should Be Done Now?

California, California Drought, Climate, Climate change, Drought, Water Resources

Governor Brown’s approach to drought management in California is admirable, but flawed.  His order to “implement mandatory water reductions in cities and towns across California to reduce water usage by 25 percent” is an essential first step to capture the public’s awareness by engineering a socioeconomic drought, but his proposed solution addresses only a portion…

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