JUL 30 2011

Infrastructure Development – Where to Begin

Environment, Government, Infrastructure, United States, Wastewater, Water Resources

For a government, its businesses, other organizations, and citizens to flourish, its people, goods, and information must have the ability to move and interact freely in an integrated, cost efficient, resilient, and effective manner.  Reliable, responsive infrastructure helps make this possible.  Infrastructure includes the physical structure, components, and systems that provide the energy generation, transmission,…

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MAR 28 2011

Climate Change and Discount Rates

Activism, Climate, Climate change, Cost-benefit analysis, Discount rate, Discounting, Environment, Impacts and Indicators, United States Treasury security

Image via Wikipedia Global Mean Surface Temperature Difference Data Many analysts have observed that the range of the expected future impacts of anthropogenic climate change is highly dependent upon discount rates.  Depending upon the time horizon and discount rate selected, one can derive almost any desired outcome.  Given this observation, it is crucial that one…

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AUG 22 2010

Fiddler Crabs as Pollution Markers after Oil Spills

Deepwater Horizon, Environment, Fiddler crab, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Image via WikipediaIn 1969, the oil barge Florida ran aground in Massachusetts, and it released approximately 200 thousand gallons of fuel into Cape Cods’ Buzzards Bay. The spill killed many fish and lobsters, damaged sensitive oyster and clam beds, and devastated the local marshlands. Today, signs of the disaster remain.  In particular, fiddler crabs that…

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JUN 02 2010

MMS Acting Director Bob Abbey

Environment, Minerals Management Service, Oil spill, Petroleum in the Environment

The new Acting Director of the Minerals Management Service (MMS), Bob Abbey, fired an environmental whistleblower, Earle Dixon, in a previous job with BLM.  Dixon had complained about lax environmental standards.  Here’s a link to the settlement with Dixon.  Let’s hope it was an aberration.  Regardless, interesting choice in the wake of the current oil spill … ….

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