JAN 23 2014

First as Tragedy, Then as Farce

Banking, Capitalism, Financial Services, Hedging, Infrastructure, United States, Wall Street

Wall Street investors in need of a replacement for the former cash cow of mortgage-backed securities (pre-bailout, that is) only had to look as far as a massive, bargain basement-priced stock of used houses obtained through bankruptcy sales coupled with a corresponding, unparalleled increase in prospective renters (aka former homeowners with few options for housing…

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AUG 08 2013

A Hedge with an Edge

Hedging, Market economy

  The physical practice of warehousing ingots only makes sense (in the world of non-financiers, at least) if you’re a manufacturer that uses the metals and the warehouses are near your factories. Otherwise, the practice is a derivative whose reality is a little more complicated. In the case of these ingots, the waiting time in…

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