AUG 08 2013

A Hedge with an Edge

Hedging, Market economy

  The physical practice of warehousing ingots only makes sense (in the world of non-financiers, at least) if you’re a manufacturer that uses the metals and the warehouses are near your factories. Otherwise, the practice is a derivative whose reality is a little more complicated. In the case of these ingots, the waiting time in…

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FEB 21 2010

Capitalism against Capitalism

Capitalism, Economic, Federal government of the United States, Germany, Market economy, Social market economy, United States

Michel Albert, author of Capitalisme contre Capitalisme, compares the neo-American model of a capitalistic market economy with the Rhenish capitalism of Germany’s social market economy. The neo-American model is based on the ideas of Hayek and Friedman, and the latter, according to Albert, is founded on principles of publicly organized social security. Albert asserts that this model is more equitable, efficient, and less…

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