JAN 03 2014

Some Comments on the CSB Chevron Regulatory Report Draft

California, Chemical Safety Board, Government, Industrial Accident, Infrastructure, Insurance, Liability insurance, Oil refineries, Petroleum in the Environment, United States

The safety case regulatory regime is touted as a “tripartite system consisting of active and equal participation from the regulator, workforce, and industry.” Indeed, a potentially, more socially beneficial regime would be a quadripartite system that includes the neighbors of the regulated facilities. The neighbors are often aware of problems that workers don’t or won’t…

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JUN 02 2010

MMS Acting Director Bob Abbey

Environment, Minerals Management Service, Oil spill, Petroleum in the Environment

The new Acting Director of the Minerals Management Service (MMS), Bob Abbey, fired an environmental whistleblower, Earle Dixon, in a previous job with BLM.  Dixon had complained about lax environmental standards.  Here’s a link to the settlement with Dixon.  Let’s hope it was an aberration.  Regardless, interesting choice in the wake of the current oil spill … ….

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