APR 20 2012

Bayesian Networks and Greenhouse Gas Reduction

Climate change, Global warming, Scenario Planning

Farming Futures Bayesian networks support Greenhouse Gas emission reduction in the Agricultural Sector’(BaNGAS). This case aims to assist farmers in finding cost-effective means of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from their farms. http://www.farmingfutures.org.uk/blog/new-tool-help-farmers-count-cost-reducing-emissions

MAR 25 2010

“Ice-Nine” and Risk Analysis

Atomic nucleus, Cost-benefit analysis, Earth, Global warming, Proton, Risk Analysis, Strangelet

Image via Wikipedia There are many species ending (i.e., the extinction of mankind) catastrophe scenaria. Many people agree that the most likely is the collision of a 10-kilometer or greater diameter asteroid with Earth (estimated annual risk is 10^-8). Other scenaria include pandemics, global warming, and technology itself turning on its creators. Some potential catastrophes…

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